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Batting Cage Commercial Frame Kit X-Heavy Duty 70' x 14' x 12' Baseball Softball

Batting Cage Commercial Frame Kit X-Heavy Duty 70' x 14' x 12' Baseball Softball
Batting Cage Commercial Frame Kit X-Heavy Duty 70' x 14' x 12' Baseball Softball
Batting Cage Commercial Frame Kit X-Heavy Duty 70' x 14' x 12' Baseball Softball

Batting Cage Commercial Frame Kit X-Heavy Duty 70' x 14' x 12' Baseball Softball

Baseball Batting Cage Frame Kit fits nets up to 12' x 14' x 70. 70x15.5x12 Deluxe Commercial Frame Kit. Jones-Sports Deluxe Commercial Frame Kit. Is engineered to stand up in the wind and take plenty of abuse. The frame has arches with three strong cables going the length of the frame to support the batting cage.

Ground sleeves are concreted into the ground to provide strength. There are arch supports at each end of the frame to make the frame rigid. Elbows and ground sleeves are made in America and are 14 gauge 2¼steel. When purchasing a 70x14x12 frame kit, these are the poles you will need. We are a family business started by my grandfather over 50 years ago. We intend on being in business for another 50 years. We only sell quality, well made products. If you do not have a forklift, you can remove the pieces from the pallet individually.

Directions: for 70x14x12 Deluxe Commercial Frame. B 3' x 2' Elbows 8 pcs. C Eyebolt and Nut 12 pcs. E Angle Support 4 pcs.

F 2 ¼ Muffler Clamps 4 pcs. G Arch Ground Sleeves (2 1/4) 8 pcs. H Angle Support Ground Sleeves (1 1/2) 4 pcs. J Self-drilling screws 32 pcs. K Drill Bit (for screws) 1. L Lengths of Cable 3 pcs. Please review the parts that you received to be sure that you have all the parts. We have supplied you with the sku numbers for Home Depot and Lowes. Bag of Quikrete per Arch Ground Sleeve(G) and half of a bag for each Angle Support Ground Sleeve(H). Plan on taking 2 days to complete the batting cage frame. We recommend getting the Arch Ground Sleeves(G) set (Through step 10) on one day and then returning to finish the job the next day. This allows the concrete to fully set. You will need about a 15½' x 71' area for your new batting cage.

It is recommended that you mark off this area before starting. TAKE DOWN YOUR CAGE IN THE WINTER. Snow will pile on top of the cage and that will bring down even the strongest batting cage.

Lay out four Elbows (B) with the 3' sides facing each other and the 2' sides going the length of the cage at the perimeter of the cage. Lay out the rest of the Elbows (B), between the end arches so that they are about 28' from each other. Assemble the arches by adding two 10' lengths (A) to the elbow's (B) 2' side for the vertical legs, and one 10' length (A) for the top cross member. Insert one of the self-drilling screws(J) at each junction where the 10' lengths (A) attach to the arches (B).

Finish the rest of the arches the same way. Dig holes for Arch Ground Sleeves(G) about 6"- 8" in diameter and about 19"- 22" deep, using the assembled arches as a guide.

This allows space for cement at the bottom. The ground sleeves (G) are 20 long including the fl uted area. Make sure that, when set the tops of the ground sleeves (G) are level with each other. Cement the Arch Ground Sleeves(G) into the ground vertically level and level with each other. Remember to leave enough room to attach the upright with self-drilling screws.

Install the eyebolts(C) into the arches. Start by drilling 5/16 holes in the center of the arch. Drill the other holes based on the width of your batting cage on either side of the middle 12' = 6' off center, 14'=7' off center, etc.

We recommend the eyebolts(C) on the end arches to be facing the middle, while the eyebolts(C) for the inner arches face down. Insert the arches into the ground sleeves after the concrete has been allowed to set for the recommended time. Secure the arches into the ground sleeves(G) with the self-drilling screws (J). Assemble the angle supports by inserting one of the 1½ EMT poles(D) into the angle support(E) and securing it with a self drilling screw(J). Then insert the other end of the pole(D) into an Angle Support Ground Sleeve(H) and securing it with a self drilling screw(J). Dig holes for the Angle Support Ground Sleeves(H) using the assembled angle supports as a guide. The angle supports will be inside the frame 1' from the top at about a 40° angle. Attach the Angle Support to the Arch using the Muffler Clamp(F). The ground sleeve will be loose in the hole you just dug. Cement the Angle Support Ground Sleeves into the ground.

Make sure you still have access to the self-drilling screw you used to secure the pole(D) to the angle support(H) incase you have to take down your frame. Create your cable assemblies by feeding the cable(L) through the turnbuckle(M) and securing a loop with the u-bolt(N).

Now feed the cable through the inner arch eyebolts and create a loop on the other end of the cable(L) using another u-bolt(N). Repeat for the remaining cable assemblies. Attach the cable assemblies to the end arches using carabiners.

Tighten the cable so there is no sag. Don't overly tighten the cable though. Some sag once the batting cage is hung is an industry standard.

And repeat for the remaining cable assemblies. Attach the batting cage to the cable using carabiners, starting with one side and working your way down. Thanks for considering Pinnon Hatch Farms LLC Jones-Sports for your sports supply needs. International Buyers - Please Note.

We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Buyers Who Bought This Item Also Bought. Steel Aircraft Cable Wire Rope.

Batting Cage Commercial Frame Kit X-Heavy Duty 70' x 14' x 12' Baseball Softball